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The Magician Story

A cancer surgeon called us to make a home visit for pain relief in her uncle who was not expected live beyond the week. He was on morphine and several other pain medications but pain from multiple metastases all over the body kept him in severe pain. The only way to relieve his pain was to either put him on a intravenous morphine or to place a fine catheter in the water around the spinal cord (the final common pathway of pain from the body). The patient refused morphine with a testy comment “I am already drowsy, constipated and pukish with morphine which anyway does not relieve me . I don’t want any more of it . I want to meet my maker, not fall over him in drugged stupor” So it was decided that we would do the spinal catheter placement at home. The patient was happy with the results and decided to goof morphine . At the next visit 2 days family was gathered round the bed talking animatedly . The patient was wide awake and insisted on showing us magic tricks! And that he did, a whole bag of them! So the doctor who went to take care of the patient was taken care of, entertained and most importantly awed to learn an invaluable lesson “ the human spirit is indefatigable and ever joyous. We are blessed indeed, to be given the opportunity to witness it express itself”